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Our Recommended 3- Night New Orleans Vacation Plan

Day 1 of the perfect New Orleans Vacation

First, make sure you have a plan to get from the Airport to your Hotel or Airbnb.  Uber is available at the airport as well as shuttles and black car service. One overlooked option is booking a private tour.  When reserving your private tour simply set your pickup location to the airport and the time to your estimated arrival time.  This is a great way to spend your valuable vacation time between arrival and check-in time at your hotel.  You will get a wonderful overview of New Orleans so you can make informed decisions on where you would like to spend the rest of your time.  Another great option and a more budget-friendly one is to have your hotel hold your bags while you take our city tour. A City tour whether private or not is such an important tool to use in determining what part of New Orleans you most enjoy.

Day 2 of the perfect New Orleans Vacation

Louisiana is known for its waterways and recently there has been much to discuss.  As more and more hurricanes such as Hurricane Katrina pound our marshes we become more and more vulnerable to flooding and land loss.  Lousiana has lost thousands and thousands of acres of land to erosion, saltwater intrusion, and a rising sea level.  Due to these controversial and current issues at hand, our airboat tour and Pontoon Swamp Tour are must-do activities.  Not only will you get to see first hand how our marshlands have been affected you will get up close and personal with alligators.

Day 3 of the perfect New Orleans Vacation

Assuming you have already gone on a city tour we suggest that you explore the parts of the tour that most interested you.  Many people find our burial style fascinating so a cemetery tour fits perfectly on their agenda. Many others spend their time eating at the various wonderful restaurants New Orleans has to offer.  Make sure to ask our tour guides for recommendations on where to eat and drink.  They can steer you in the not so touristy direction.  After a great day in New Orleans, a ghost tour or haunted pub crawl is an interesting and different way to meet other people and learn some spooky history about New Orleans.